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  •     15.6-inch Six Standard parameters: ECG,  RESP, NIBP, SPO2, 2_TEMP, PR/HR

  •     13 Type Arrhythmic Analysis, Multi_Lead ECG Waveforms Display in Phase, Real time S_T segment analysis, pacemaker detection Drug calculation and titratiotable;

  •     Efficient resistance to interference of defibrillator and electrosurgical cautery;

  •     SPO2 can testing for 0.1% Weak;

  •     RA-LL impedance Respiration;

  •     Trend Coexist Display;

  •     OxyCRG DyNamic View Display;

  •     Bed to Bed view Display;

  •     Networking capacity and nurse calling system;

  •   Options of Internal Recorder, IBP, EtCO2, Central Monitoring System, Neonate SPO2

  •   Built-in rechargeable battery 4800mAh;

  •   15.6" high resolution color TFT LCD display;

  •   Large volume of tabular and graphic trends information storage and easy to recall;

  •   Anti-ESU, anti- defibrillator;

  •   Capture dynamic waveforms.




  • Integrated Plug in Modular, 12.1” colorful and clear TFT display

  • Standard 6 parameters and optional single plug-in parameter box

  • Touch screen available; able to be operated by keyboard or optional mouse

  • With durable trim knob and backlight silicone buttons

  • Simultaneously display at least 10 parameters, 13 kinds of arrhythmia analysis

  • ECG Waveforms of 7-lead displayed simultaneously.

  • Assist to judge the heart activity directly

  • 15 kinds of drug dose calculations

  • Anti-electrosurgical, anti-defibrillation, suitable for monitoring critical care

  • Trend interface, OxyCRG interface, BigFont interface

  • Built-in detachable rechargeable lithium battery, battery life 4.5 hours

  • 1000 hours trend data and trend graphs, 48 hours full waveform reviewing

  • Power failure data store

  • High capacity of information storage

  • NIBP dual overpressure protection

  • Wired/wireless connection, with system supporting 3 display screens

  • Supporting SD card, 4 USB interfaces

  • Omni-directional visible design; 3 levels of audible, visual and audio alarm; dual alarm lights for physiological and technical alarm

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